Donkeys in Florence

 Florence in Tuscany, Italy is a beutiful city, but only a few do know how breathtaking it is hiking around the enchanted hills just a few kilometers from downtown, a pleasure made even deeper by our lovely donkeys. Make your visit to Florence complete adding to history art and culture a little bit of nature, enjoying the unique landscape of Florentine Chianti accompanied by our donkeys. We organize: packdonkey trekking, hiking with donkeys, donkey-assisted activities, coming in contact with donkeys to learn how to manage them, training donkeys to obtain enthusiastic cooperation. If donkeys have already excited your curiosity somehow, but you still doubt whether to come to spend either some hours or some days with us, here are some valid reasons. Essentially, it is a matter of sheer pleasure, having to do with an extraordinary animal full of contradictions, sweet sad eyes and mighty jaws, showy long ears and innate shyness, a longing to be made a fuss of and old-time fears, fine intelligence and smart stubborness. Along a pack-donkey trekking the donkey is an amazing travelling companion that surely breaks the march monotony and lightens up your going relieving you of your backpacks and loads. Thanks to its slow measured rythm you have the chance to enjoy the magic beauty of nature and you can  slow your breathing  down  and finally relax your mind.  Last but not least, children are literally hypnotized and despite its rather large build, they instictively get the donkey as a "big pet" to lead and look after with an unexpected sense of responsibility. For further info please visit our page Our associaton.