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4 Kids - AsiNasce

4 Kids

 For all who wish to get to know these extraordinary animals         especially our kids

There are many reasons to start having to do with donkeys, psycophysical wellness reached through a relaxing trekking in the country, vocational training to start up your own business in the "donkey-tourism" based on your passion, production of valuable ass milk. But above all reasons, the most important is simply  pleasure and entertainment made up of cuddles and tenderness, joyful discovery of unexpected feelings given by a donkey, that teaches calmness and mutual respect. This is the lesson we want our kids to learn, a lesson based on one fundamental rule: there is only one way to interact with donkeys, that is, first gain their confidence. Donkeys do not obey you, they cooperate with you, as a matter of fact horses are brought in, donkeys are trained. On our riding ground you will have the possibility to take our advice and through three steps we worked out you will eventually make friends.

 Step I: Contact

At first it is necessary to know each other, so get closer quite slowly with a soft voice and maybe a piece of a carrot or a sugar cube allowing the donkey to examine and smell you. After your first contact, you can start with pats and strokes and then go on with brushing, currying and grooming. Initial shyness will vanish before long.

  Step II: Training

After first contact you can start with training, for us or them it's still not clear. Contrary to what is thought, donkeys are smart animals and they carry out a number of strategies to avoid working, but they are also very shy and fearful, therefore to convince a donkey to obey your commands you have to balance firmness and kindness. First, you have to make things clear between you on your target, then you keep practising until you get a satisfying try that you can repay with some cuddles or sweet rewards.




 Step III: Go!

Now you are a perfect team and you can take the liberty to try something just a little more complex like a "bridge" or a "sack" or even take a ride on your donkey. Otherwise you can move on to harnessing, so tighten the girth fit the crupper place the packsaddle and here we go, ready to start a new adventure: a packdonkey trekking hiking out along nature trails in search of a relaxing healthy pleasure surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of hills around Florence. 



Obviously our way towards donkeys cannot end up without introducing our 2                 beautiful jennies:

 Wakamole & Bilirubina 


Name   Wakamole
Age   7 years
Breed   Martina Franca   crossbred
Height   mt 1.50 at the withers
Distinguishing features   Infinite sweetness



Name   Bilirubina
Age   5 years
Breed   Ragusana crossbred
Height   mt 1.42 at the withers
Distinguishing features   Lovely stubborness